As part of our International Strategy the IOE is strongly committed to the internationalisation of our curriculum. The website which has been produced by colleagues provides a "tool-kit" for the use of staff at the IOE.

I am delighted to recommend this website to you, and ask you to use it in the internationalisation of your work.


The IOE is an international institution, with students from all over the world. It has a world-class reputation for teaching and research, and already fosters an intercultural environment.  However, providing a truly inclusive experience for all can be challenging, in particular when students come from a wide range of educational cultures, contexts and experiences. Enhancing this area of our practice is a strategic priority for the IOE, in order to ensure that all our students have the best possible experience and benefit fully from their time with us.


'Internationalisation of the curriculum' is a means of ensuring that there is an international and intercultural dimension within the content and provision of courses. This website has been developed to provide resources for enhancing this aspects of IOE curricula, and provides links to a range of examples of good practice in both the UK and internationally.